Best Fitness Trackers To Buy In October 2018

Best fitness tracker 2018

If you’re someone who has a hard time sticking to their fitness routine, a fitness tracker is what you’re going to need. A fitness tracker is like a wearable wristwatch that helps you keep track of your activities like running, no. of calories burned, heartbeat, etc. To save your time from going across different reviews, here’s a list of the best fitness trackers you can buy in 2018.

Fitbit Alta HR

Best Fitness Trackers

The Fitbit Alta HR is probably one of the best fitness trackers in 2018. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for something that will help you stay fit and track your fitness. You can use this lightweight activity tracker as a wristwatch in your office or college too and calculate the number of steps you walked, your heart rate, calories burned, along with how many hours of sleep you have had. Activity reminder prompts that helps you stay active throughout the day make this along with Caller ID and the feature of reading text messages makes this watch a must buy. You can buy it for 149.95 US$ or 10,499 INR.

Moov Now fitness tracker

best fitness trackers

Moov Now is one of the most efficient and affordable fitness trackers. It has a couple of cons that’s a missing screen along with heart monitoring feature. Other than these two features this activity tracker has all the other essential features. A six-month long battery life is the key selling feature of this watch. Moov Now allows you to count the number of steps you walked, your sleep schedule, rep based training, swimming, and boxing in different modes. The watch also lacks a GPS, but if you are looking for something basic, this is what you will need. You can buy it for 6553 INR or 59.95 US$.

Misfit Ray

One of the best fitness tracker that’s waterproof and great for swimming. While the watch lacks a screen, it has a LED indicator that shows your daily activity. This tracker measures sleep, number of steps taken, distance , etc. The watch doesn’t have a heart rate monitor or a GPS, but you have the option to wear it as a band or as a necklace. You can buy it for 7,495 INR or under an offer for US customers just for 9.95$.

Fitbit Charge 2

Most fitness enthusiasts who care about their wardrobe would recommend you Fitbit Charge 2 that has every feature you can ask for in an activity tracker. It’s one of the best fitness trackers of and is an upgraded version of the Charge HR. It has a quite a number of features and comes with an interchangeable band and a large display. The Fitbit Charge 2 is very reasonably priced too. You can buy it for 11,804 INR or 150 US$.

Samsung Gear Fit 2

Samsung has created its reputation in the world of fitness trackers with the fantastic Samsung Gear Fit 2. This smartwatch which doubles as a wristwatch has a big 1.5 inch AMOLED screen and tracks activities like heart rate, activities, swimming (Yup it’s waterproof too) along with that it also comes with a GPS feature and can be connected with any Android or iOS-based smartphone. The Gear Fit 2 has a battery life of three days. You can buy it for 8,999 INR or 179US$.

Garmin Vivosmart 3

One of the best fitness trackers fitness lovers can buy. The Vivosmart 3 comes with features like Heart rate counter, steps counter, swimming mode, rep counter for gym freaks, and the ability to control your smartphone music. The watch lacks GPS connectivity but is waterproof and can be used during swimming. The battery can last for five days on a single charge. You can buy it for US$ 119.9 or 13.990 INR.

This concludes the list of the six best fitness trackers you can buy in October 2018. Some of these watches may lack some features but they compensate for it with their price. Select the one that rocks your boat and make your fitness goals successful.

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