Best Free Video Editing Apps for iPhone Users

free video editing apps for iphone

Free video editing apps couldn’t get any better than this. Useful for amateurs and professionals alike, these apps will simplify yet enhance video editing experience for absolutely no cost. 

Video editing and animation apps come in handy when you need quick and quality content or just a cool social media post. However, most of them are quite heavy on our pockets and have a complex interface.

Are you looking to stack your iPhone with some useful and free video editing apps too? Have a look at the top 4 available to iOS users below:


free video editing apps - clips
Inside the Clips app

Clips lets users create engaging videos to instantly upload on their social media profiles. You can either record the video directly in the app or export it from your iPhone’s media. Either way, you can add cool effects and graphics from Disney, Star Wars and Pixar into it. Animation effects are available to add as well. 

The app comes aquaint with handy features like automatic captions and headings too. Once you get a hang of all the editing tools Clips offers, you’ll end up with amazing video content to share with your friends and family. iPhone X users can expect an extra feature ‘animated 3D selfie scenes’ which turns the selfie background into foreign landscapes and movie scenes. 


free video editing apps

We are all too familiar with this 6-second video editing app Apple offers covering three shots. Although Vue was not for everyone when it was initially launched, it has been redesigned for better and now supports videos of upto 3 minutes. 

The app imports videos from your device and lets you use effective adjustment and effects tools. Once you’re done with the editing part, it presents stickers, filters and overlay subtitles for you to add and directly post the video on to the desired location. Overall, Vue is now worth a try.

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Motion Stills

free video editing apps

Motion Stills is designed to enhance your experience with basic iPhone photography. The app is extremely user-friendly and fun to use. Once you permit it to access your media, it displays a scrollable feed of images that automatically animate as you surf through them. 

If you’re a fan of GIFs and live collages, this might just be the perfect editing app for you. Select multiple live photos to turn them into collages and add text and emojis. You can share your miniature masterpiece right from the app itself. 


Quik is your personal expert editing assistant that does most of the work for you. It has a sense for what makes a great video and has everything you’d want in an editing app. Definitely one of the best free video editing apps for iPhone users out there. Install the app without a second thought if you’re a beginner with video editing. 

All you need to do is select clips and photos from your device and choose a style that you like best. Quik does the work for you and churns out an amazing video for you. You still have control over adding text, graphics and sound to your result video. Its interface is fairly easy to understand and the features make it worth checking out. 

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