Gmail Confidential Mode Added To Android and iOS!

Gmail Confidential Mode now on Android and iOS

Gmail Confidential Mode is now available to aid Android and iOS users. Google constantly keeps re-designing its tools and Gmail is no exception to that. While the tool saw huge improvements in its design earlier this year, many of its features were found missing on Android and iOS devices.

Google is adding on the feature through a convenient server-side update. Gmail users will not have to install the updated version all over again owing to Google’s courtesy.

Gmail Confidential Mode on android and iOS

Gmail confidential mode will be available to you while composing an E-mail. The feature effectively prevents the recipient from printing, downloading, copying or pasting the E-mail. It also restricts the recipient from forwarding the E-mail further. You can set an expiry date to the E-mail, which will self-destruct in accord to the set date.

You can set the expiration date as 1 day, some weeks going up to 5 years. The recipient will no longer be able to access it after the expiry date set by the E-mail composer.

E-mails set in the confidential mode appear to recipients like any other regular mail. However, for people not using Gmail, it appears as a link which directs them to a safe portal where the E-mail content is present. You can also set a simple two-factor SMS passcode for recipient verification purposes. Provide the passcode to your recipient and make sure the E-mail does not accidentally reach someone else. 

Gmail confidential mode

The feature was released with Gmail’s April 2018 update. Gmail now allows Android and iOS users to access the feature through their devices with ease. 

How To Use Gmail Confidential Mode on Android and iOS?

Using the feature is quite easy in both Android and iOS devices, just follow the given steps: 

  • Head over to Gmail app and begin composing an E-mail normally.
  • Tap the overflow menu on the top-right corner of the app. A new option by the name of ‘Confidential Mode’ has now appeared. 
  • Simply tap this option and Google will ask you to set an expiration date for the now confidential E-mail.
  • An option to set an SMS passcode will be available to you as well. Choose this option for greater security with your recipient.

Gmail Confidential Mode does improve the tool a lot in terms of security and user convenience. You can find further information on Google’s official support page as well. 

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