HP Spectre x360 Review, Price and Complete Features!

HP Spectre x360 review

HP laptops have a knack for combining amazing styling with a reasonable price tag. HP Spectre x360 has now been launched with its slender design and reportedly, very well-performing speakers at a price of $1,069 in the United States. It is safe to say that this one of HP’s laptop models has revolutionized completely, it saw some huge improvements where design, battery capacity and keys are concerned. Moreover, the laptop quite clearly rivals the Lenovo Yoga 920. Although the battery life does not last as long as the company claimed, there’s a lot to appreciate about the model. 

HP Spectre x360 Design and Display

HP has always been drawing eyes with its spectacular laptop designs. This one stands no exception to that reputation with its accessible key placement and an amusing overall design. One notices the speaker grille spread on the keyboard almost immediately.

HP Spectre x360 Design and Display

Two wide hinges sit right above the speaker grille, letting the user rotate the device 360 degrees to switch modes. However, hinges do not hold the device in place very well while one types or draws in the tablet mode. This may turn out to be uncomfortable for people accustomed to using laptops in tablet mode. 

The laptop features a 13.3-inch FHD (1,920 x 1,080) display and relatively shrunken bezels. The display is vivid and noticeably striking, which only adds up to the whole usage experience. Meanwhile, the company offers a privacy screen feature for an additional $60. The feature lets you protect confidential information from peeking by-standers with ease. 

HP Spectre x360 Features and Specs

HP Spectre x360 review features and specs

The new HP laptop sports a 13.3 inches (1,920 x 1,080) HD display with a considerable 8 GB DDR3 RAM. It can easily be convenient for everyday use as it weighs around 1.28 kgs. Featuring a 1.8GHz Intel Core CPU, the laptop seems to be more or less similar to its existing contemporaries. Moreover, the Intel UHD 46 fps Graphics 620 brings life to its beautiful touchscreen display. Spectre x360 offers a storage capacity of 256GB SSD with  Intel 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity options on board. Battery capacity is proven to be strong enough to last one day. 

HP Spectre x360 sure is creating a lot of buzz with its swift multitasking ability. Operating a number of tabs simultaneously will have zero negative impact on the device’s overall performance. The battery is well enough to get you through a busy workday easily. However, it would be unjustified to call the best we’ve seen with HP. 

HP Spectre x360 review, features and specs

The laptop sports a fingerprint sensor which seems more like the power button at first glance. Regardless of how you prefer using the device, volume and power controls are easily accessible in the laptop mode as well as tablet mode. The same goes for the side-mounted sensor. 

A word of advice: 

HP Spectre is not the ideal laptop for gaming purposes. Despite the amazing sound quality and decent graphics, we would not recommend this one for hard-core gaming fanatics. However, if you need a device for both everyday use and casual gaming on the side, this one definitely is powerful enough to handle that usage. 

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An HP Stylus Pen is also comes packed along with the laptop, intended for drawing or jotting down notes on the device easily. A USB-C port is located beneath the pen’s lid, used for quick charging and the following re-use. One can use the same cable to charge both the laptop and HP pen. The coordination of the laptop screen with Hp’s stylus is phenomenal, nothing to complain about there. 

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