Light Phone 2 Complete Review, Specs and Features!

light phone 2 Review

Born as a refreshing alternative to tech monopolies, the Light Phone 2 is as simple as mobiles could ever get. A phone designed to rinse smartphone addicts of their toxic tendencies and shoot up their productivity! The Light Phone 2 is here to replace your Apple iPhones and Samsung smartphones, or to simply be a light backup option. Easy to carry, reliable and an absolute treat for workaholics.

However, is the Light Phone 2 really worth the fortune it takes? Tagged at a whopping $400, the phone does not seem to offer any visible value for money. If it is specifically “designed to be used as little as possible”, what does it even charge the users for? And why not, for that matter, get your hands on a quality smartphone for as less as $200 instead? Let’s dig in deeper into what Light Phone really is.

Light Phone 2

Imagining a world without social media in our access seconds away might be impossible for most of us. Smartphones are what we rely upon for basically everything from finding directions to setting appointments, or general recreation.

The 4G LTE Light Phone 2 seeks to allow users to drop their smartphones for once and go for a simpler alternative instead. One that can make calls and exchange messages. Packed in a fine looking picture book, the light phone can easily be called a decorated version of the good old Nokia keypad phones.

Light Phone 2: Design

Countering every aspect of a regular smartphone, the Light Phone 2 has a design that resembles that of a credit card. It has a custom high-resolution E-Ink screen and feels light as a feather in hand. Moreover, the company mentions on their official website and feature video, that they are looking to add a solid aluminium casing.

The phone is most possibly one fourth the size of your present smartphone. It comes in black and white matte display and aims to get us off the gripping addiction of our app-packed phone screens.

It has a power button on the top coupled with a headphone jack, USB slot and microphone on the bottom. The light phone 2 also supports two simple arrow buttons to navigate up and down through options. Operating independently, the phone has its very own Nano SIM slot at the top left of its slim outer design. The compact, easy to handle design is perfect for go-to use.

Light Phone 2: Features

The light phone eliminates all the hefty features like apps, browsers, mailing mostly seen in Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi smartphones. As a matter of fact, the phone does not even support a camera in this selfie-driven age.

It is driven by the aim of reducing phone usage and getting people more connected to their lives. Therefore, it takes the user to the time when phones were constrained to calls, alarms and messages. Accessing news, social media or basically the internet is not something Light Phone 2 allows its users to do. All of the features it offers are:

Calls and Messages: Hyper-connectivity through Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook is a big NO with the new Light Phone 2. It allows easy access of a contact list and a keypad to dial contact numbers. The voice calling quality is surely above average, with sharp audio and hassle-free calling access.

Bumper Battery: Light Phone 2 offers an amazing battery capacity which lasts up to 5 consistent days. Quick charging is at the user’s aid as well. The battery capacity does make sense as the phone has a very ‘light’ processor and does not support heavy features.

light phone 2 features
Source: Light Phone 2 section of the Official Company Website

Music Player & Alarm: Coupled with the basic alarm facility, Light phone 2 offers a music player that supports a number of tracks. Unlike its predecessor, the new light phone has a headphone jack for you to tune in to some good music.

Light Phone 2: Specifications

Dimensions-  91mm x 55mm x 6.5-7.5mm thick

Connectivity-  4G LTE, Wifi, GPS

OS-  LightOS (modified Android)

Memory- 1 GB DDR3 RAM / 8GB e-MMC
Battery-  500mAh, 5 days standby; A few hours talk time.

Sensor- Proximity

Display-  E-Ink
Colour-  Black/White

Weight-  80g (estimation)
Material-  Anodized Aluminum

Processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 Platform

Connector- USB-C
Language-  English

SIM Card-  Nano SIM
Other Specs-  Loud Speaker, Headset jack, Vibrator

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