Google Pixel 3: New Features and Complete Rumour Roundup

Google is all set to launch their new smartphone Google Pixel 3 in the international market. The company has accidentally been dropping hints about the new device since the year began. Be it the new chipset, design or overall performance, Google Pixel 3 is going to be a whole new package.

Google’s current flagship smartphones, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL saw tremendous sales with 5.0″ AMOLED display, Snapdragon 835 chipset and a classy outer design. As the recent sources suggest, the two new flagship devices by Google will have radically tweaked features than their predecessors. While the company is in the talks for planning the launch of Pixel Wear OS Watch, anticipated high prices for all of its upcoming devices might just kill the mood.

As recent sources suggest, the company is looking to fix the OLED display and burn-in issues that came up with Pixel 2 in their forthcoming smartphone. The initial positive reviews were downgraded by the constant media attention to Pixel 2’s warranty flaws. Here is a complete roundup of all the features Pixel 3 is expected to have:

Google Pixel 3 with the New Android P

Google Pixel 3
Google Pixel 3 Android P

The company has already released three beta versions of Android P with the fourth one on the way. From multiplayer AR to an upgraded voice assistant, the new operating system is packed with compelling features. Google executives claim to have been working on the new interface for over a year in the company’s annual I/O conference. The fourth beta version of Android P clearly intends to reduce the number of physical buttons on the device.

Moreover, there’s no doubt the new OS will improve Pixel 3’s performance with gesture navigation and revolutionized interface. While some of the major features of Android P is already a regular component of Apple’s iPhones, there’s still a lot to expect from the new Android OS. Android P will most possibly be the Android reality for smartphone users, owing to Google’s courtesy.

Wireless Charging Support

Pixel 3 Wireless Charging

Some of Google’s major previous flagship devices like Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 support wireless charging. However, the company stopped including the feature back in 2015 with the launch of Google Nexus F5 and 6P. XDA Developers found convincing evidence in Google’s OS code that indicated wireless charging in the new device. Google Pixel 3 also supports a glass back suitable for wireless charging. Apparently, the popular feature will soon be gracing Google’s upcoming smartphones.

Apple did make a transition similar to Google’s with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, all of which sported the popular wireless charging feature as well. iPhones will be in a neck to neck sales and features competition with Pixels yet again.

Design May Resemble Pixel 2

Supposedly leaked pictures of the new Google flagship smartphone flaunt two front-facing cameras. However, the design is remarkably similar to that of Google Pixel 2.

Google Pixel 3
Unverified leaked images of Google Pixel 3

The screen size and sensor location seem to not have changed. The speaker grill is still at the bottom bezel with one of Pixel’s signature design features, the glass shade. The unverified leaked photos of the new Google Pixel 3 point towards one rear camera and a slim outer body.

When will Google Pixel 3 Release?

Google Pixel 3 Release date

Google has a mysterious pattern of their flagships releasing in October month of each year. The last two Pixel devices were released on October’s third Thursdays. Google will be releasing the Pixel 3 on October 18th if the company wishes to keep the track consistent.

However, other reliable sources indicate Google’s intention of a late launch this year. Google will in an anticipated competition with iPhones and the release date may just slip in the months of August-September according to the suggestion of Roland Quandt.

Google Pixel 3 sure is creating a lot of buzz after Google’s accidental feature leaks. What are your thoughts on the all-new Google Pixel 3? Will it pull off higher sales than its Apple contemporaries?

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