Top 3 Headphones Under $100 To Buy in 2018!

Get yourself a great bargain, check out this list of best headphones under $100 for 2018.

Buying new good-quality electronic accessories can cost you a lot of money. Headphones offering decent sound quality and durability usually have their price tags above $100. When you do not have access to a fortune and still need some great headphones for yourself, it can be a tough task to find one online. Although websites by the likes of Amazon and eBay may have hundreds of cheap headphones for you to choose from, most of those would not last you more than some weeks.

The electronics industry has grown enormously, with companies launching headphones with great sound quality at the lowest prices to beat their contemporaries. But here’s the big question, which one of the crowd is really worth its value and won’t fall apart in a week or two? We compiled a list of the finest headphones you can find below 100 Dollars. Have a look:

#3 MARSHALL MAJOR 2 @ $49.95

Marshall Headphones have never disappointed with their new-releases being a solid package of great sound and stylish exterior. The Marshall Major 2 lives up to the reputation with its value worthy low-end and midrange sounds and a decent instrumental separation. The Marshall headphone also has foldable earcups (as the above image suggests) and the headbands are easily malleable as well, increasing its overall portability.

It supports a built-in microphone with which you can record voice memos and receive calls. The detachable double-ended coil cord with mic come in handy if you prefer wearing the headphone from a different side. The revoiced 40mm drivers make up for a remarkable sound experience.

All of which is garnished with the vintage golden embellishments Marshall Major 2 has. With its super soft ear cushions and proven above average performance, this one is surely worth its value.

#2 Skullcandy Hesh 3 @ $78

The wireless Skullcandy Hesh 3 headphones with their over-ears build and decent audio reproduction is for anyone looking for comfortable, go-to headphones at a reasonable price. The device has a tested battery life of 19 hours and comes acquaint with a great quick-charging feature as well. It takes about one hour for it to fully charge which easily surpasses that of other headphones at the same value. Along with a well-heeled design, Skullcandy 3 also offers maximum bass without audio cluttering.

Although Skullcandy 3 is a little too light-bodied and does not support lavish headphone features like app support or noise cancellation, it sure is a perfect device to commute with its closed back design. A good wireless headphone option for anyone looking for everyday use and decent sound quality.


SR80E is definitely for an audiophile who does not have a lot to spend on headphones. Grado has a well-deserved reputation of being one of the few electronic companies that offer the best performance at the lowest price tags.

Being one of Grado’s leading releases of 2018, SR80E with its open-back design and super-comfortable cushions are a treat at their value. Grado claims to have churned out a device with amazing bass-resonance and improved overall user-experience, evident by the glowing reviews the device is consistently receiving. It has a vented diaphragm and a standard copper coil wire and connecting cord.

However, you may want to refrain from using the SE80E around public places as everyone around will quite easily be able to listen too. Excepting for this one slight con, the headphone gives great performance at an affordable price.

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