Osmo Mobile 2- Best smartphone camera gimbal

There has been a lot of excitement concerning the second smartphone camera gimbal launched by DJI, this is a company well known for its drones. If you are a filmmaker or even a lover of making videos, this right here is the best choice for you. It allows you to capture moments with incredible ease. Osmo mobile 2 was initially revealed during CES 2018. It is a sequel to the original Osmo mobile; it has so many improvements from the predecessor ranging from its price to its design. Its predecessor was launched with a high price at $229 while Osmo mobile 2 was launched at around $129.

Osmo mobile 2 is made with high-strength modified nylon which explains the reason for its lighter weight in comparison to its predecessor. It weighs 485g whereas the original weighs 501g. Osmo mobile 2 also has a longer grip than its predecessor making it easier to hold but still, the gimbal is 5inches longer than its predecessor.  It comes with a 2600mAh battery according to DJI this can last up to 15hours under ideal conditions. So you can comfortably film and capture a moment without having to worry about the battery capacity, and another advantage is that it’s charging time is 2hours.

It also supports the shooting of videos in portrait mode, this likewise was a feature the original model had but you have to hold the stabilizer sideways but Osmo mobile 2 makes videoing in portrait mode really comfortable and it’s also flexible because you can equally decide to hold the grip upright.

Another important feature to note is that the smartphone’s stabilizer stays steady throughout filming from small vibrations to heavy and intense vibrations because it has a built-in sensor and also brushless motor. The stabilizer stays steady irrespective of any rapid movements.

Here is another interesting detail; Osmo mobile 2 has a micro USB port on the gimbal which can be used to charge mobile phones so in essence it can be used as a battery bank. With this feature it can charge your smartphone while filming so you can rest assured that your mobile won’t trip off due to a low battery.

The design of the Osmo mobile 2 is still quite similar to its predecessor but it has few tweaks. It comes with a modified design that allows compact folding making it more portable, now it’s easier to carry your Osmo mobile 2 anywhere. The Osmo mobile 2 also has a high-definition paranoma that enables you automatically capture multiple photos then join them together to have a seamless picture.

The Osmo mobile 2 on the side of the gimbal has a zoom switch, a built-in zoom that allows you to operate your phone’s camera from the gimbal’s handle. .


Here is a rundown of the key specifications.

Battery capacity        2600mAh

Energy              18Wh

Model            2ICR19/66

Voltage           7.2v

Type          18650LiPo

Operating time         15hrs

Charging time           2hrs

Wireless        Bluetooth low energy 4.0

Dimensions      295*113*72mm

Consumption         12w

The width of compatible phones            58.6-85mm

Weight             485g (1.06 pounds)

Osmo mobile 2 is the best camera gimbal for anyone. Get one and bring out the filmmaker in you.









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