4 Best Pocket-Friendly Android Smartphones from Amazon for Under $200!!

Amazon’s cheapest android smartphone deals could not have gotten any better than this. International electronic companies like Apple with its ever increasing iPhone prices and Samsung with its overpriced Galaxy series have got customers saving up for months. However, that has now become quite unnecessary with budget phones getting better and better with each passing day.

You can now easily get your hands on a device with 3000+ mAH battery power, a big vivid screen and considerably well-performing camera under $200 with Amazon’s recent bumper offers. Although not offering fancy brand tags and waterproofing features, these smartphones are a treat at their value. Let’s have a deeper look, here’s a list of four best budget smartphones on Amazon below $200:

  1. Honor 7X – Amazon Price $199.99

Huawei’s budget-friendly smartphone offers a massive screen size of 18:9 with dual cameras and midrange performance. The smartphone comes with a metal chassis and sleek outer design. The smartphone supports 64 GB of internal storage coupled with an additional micro SD card slot. It does pay off for its value with tempting features like face-detection, geo-tagging accompanied by touch focus.

7X is compatible with GSM networks like T-mobile and AT-T and does not work with high-end networks including Verizon and Sprint. However, it still does count as one of the best android device deals one can find on Amazon.

2. Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 

Amazon Price:$194.90

  1. A well-rated Samsung smartphone under 200 USD is surely a rare sight, this one, however, did not disappoint with an impressive 1080p 5.5-inch screen display and camera quality of 13 megapixels. J7’s design resembles that of Galaxy S6 which looks considerably good for its price. Samsung kept the design in line with its galaxy family by giving J7 Prime an aluminium body and a Gorilla glass front. Fingerprint sensors of decent quality can be found alongside accelerometer installed in the device. Although a below-average battery life of mere 8.5 hours, J7 Prime compensates the con with its fine Exynos processor and decent, user-friendly performance.
  2. Asus Zenfone 4 Max  Amazon Price: $174.99Asus has yet again released a pocket-friendly gem with a massive 720 p 5.5-inch screen and reverse charging feature. The smartphone offers 13-megapixel dual cameras with a wide 120-degree angle lens. A 5000 mAh massive battery capacity surely makes this one a full package. Supporting features like geo-tagging, face detection and HDR are comprised in the Zenfone 4 Max as well. While the software design and overall device performance could have been better, Asus’ Zenfone 4 Max does live up to its Amazon price tag with an impressive tested battery life of over 15 consecutive hours. Surely a deal to consider.
  3. ZTE Max XL   Amazon Price: $155.14One of the best-known Android devices launched by ZTE, Max XL is comprised of a 3,990 mAh bumper battery power which does last the day. With a decently-performing Snapdragon 435 processor installed, the smartphone is also available for prepaid services including Boost by Sprint.Although not quite living up to customers’ high expectations with processor quality and RAM a mere of 2GB, ZTE Max XL easily compensates for it with its 6.6-inch mega screen size and a pleasing bright display. Not to mention the battery power and 13-megapixel camera capacity offered with an affordable price tag.

Budget-friendly phones have been a huge hit in the smartphone market given they offer the best price with considerably well-performing features. Go get one for yourself too!


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