Best camera apps for a mobile phone

Did you know the average person takes around 50 photos a day on their mobile phone? That’s quite a lot so it’s no wonder that a lot of applications have been developed for mobile phones. When you’re taking that many photos you want to know that you have the best editing app and can really showcase your photography skills, especially if you’re uploading the pictures to social media. That’s when it’s even more important as your entire reputation, and potentially your income can depend upon quality photos. So what exactly are the best camera apps on the market? Well, luckily for you that’s exactly what you’re about to find out. We’ve picked the top 3 and reviewed them so you know which ones you should be downloading. Some of these apps are even better than the one on your phone.

If you have an iPhone then Manual is the app to download. For several years now people have complained about the camera quality on an iPhone. With this app that’s no problem because the shutter speed and lighting is much better. You will be able to capture a truly amazing photo, day or night, without worrying about odd lighting as many of us have experienced. You will also have the opportunity to review the snaps that you’ve taken and edit them for even better results.

Imagine if you could edit the picture, while you’re taking it. Now that would make a huge difference to you and you’d then end up with the perfect picture.  That’s exactly what the app, Camera360 can do. You can use the filter features while you’re taking the picture so you won’t need to go back and take the image again. How cool is that?! It’s available on iPhone and Android so it can be used no matter what type of phone you have.

If you’re not concerned with how realistic a picture looks then Camera Zoom FX is the way to go. You’ll be able to create all types of images and with expansion packs there is the option for you to can add in extras such as celebrities or other props. This app is really just for fun, and is sure to have you and your friends in fits of laughter.

You may not want to pay for a camera app, and given the camera is supposed to be built into phones, why should you? The best free camera app is Open Camera and it is extremely popular, with 10 million downloads. They must be doing something right to achieve that high number of users. This app is really cool if you’re worried about lighting. Sometimes when you take a photo on a mobile phone you can lose the lighting and end up with an odd result. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had images taken with a shade of purple on my phone. That will no longer be an issue, nor will taking shaky photos that are out of focus. The app has an auto stablisation feature. This app is perfect for Android phones.

So now you know the best camera apps for mobile phones, happy photography!


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