Google Pixel 2 Set To Be Released

Google Pixel 2
  1. Google is set to release its second flagship phones – the Google pixel 2 into the global market. But wait! This won’t be coming till late 2017. After dominating with the manufacture and launch of the nexus phones, the search engine giant has concluded plans to set another record. While all eyes await the release of the Google pixel 2, here is a quick take on what you should expect from it.

Google Pixel 2

  1. The phones may come with a curved display
  2. A water proof design
  3. An advanced and better chipset and superb camera.
  4. The pixel 2 will come features of pixel and build upon greater functionalities and features
  5. The screen comes with a QHD resolution

Other enticing improvements to watch out for are:

  • Slashed price

The price for the Google pixel 2 will be lower in comparison to the previous Google pixel 1 and other competing brands

  • Sharper screen

This flagship with comes with a superb screen resolution, 4k screen with a QHD feature

  • Distinctive style

The Google pixel 2 flagship phones comes in a superlative and unique look that comes with a metal and glass cover. The design will be cohesive with the two combined materials to give a great feel.

  • Water resistance

Not all flagship phones are water resistant. But the Google pixel 2 promises to be water resistant as it will match with the present water proof certification on current phones.

  • Better battery life

Battery lifespan plays an important role in any phone, most especially flagship phones. The Google pixel 2 will not be a disappointment as mobile lovers are assured of an improved battery capacity that can serve them and carry out tasks for a very long time.

  • Improvements on Google assistant

Google assistant, undoubtedly, was one of the highlights of the Google pixel 1. Its features and functionality will be improved on with Google pixel 2.



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