What you need to know about the much anticipated iPAD Pro 2

iPad Pro 2

We just published an article about the release date of the much anticipated game changing tablet from the stables of Apple. With so little information available about it, here is a comprehensive write up on what you should be getting in the Apple ipad pro2 when it is officially released into the mobile markets. You will be exposed to the specifications and design obtainable in this phenomenal slate.

iPad Pro 2

  1. Stronger battery

The apple ipad pro 2 came with a huge and intimidating battery capacity of a whooping 10, 307mAh. The ipad pro 2 promises to better this feat with a much considerably and better battery capacity so as it will be able to power the superb processor without much battery drain.

  1. Free stylus pencil

It is not normally Appleā€™s custom to include free accessories to their products. But considering the fact that the stylus is an integral part of the ipad pro, it will be to the great advantage of users to have it included in the apple ipad pro 2 tablet.

  1. More Storage

The ipad pro comes with an internal storage capacity of 256GB posing as a great replacement to laptops. The ipad pro2 will come with much bigger storage capacity of 512GB and a slot for external storage. This will give ample room for more apps, games, music and much more.

  1. Improved front-facing camera

Undoubtedly, the front facing camera is one of the great features of any tablet including the ipad pro2. There will be great improvements on the front facing camera of the ipad pro 2 as compared to the ipad pro so as you can make great video calling as well as cool selfies.

  1. Lighter design and architecture

Apple will be shedding off some weight in the ipad pro 2 bringing about a lighter tablet fit for the new generation.


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