Samsung’s new Galaxy 8 sets Pre-Sales Records

Samsung’s new Galaxy 8 sets Pre-Sales Records

It would seem as though the technology giant has got a few more tricks up its sleeves as its comeback devices, the galaxy s8 and the s8+ are breaking new ground with their release. The phones which have been officially put on sales nationwide today are recording massive amounts of sales that have never witnessed from another brand or phone in the country. The hype around the phone has continued to grow tremendously as the mobile market is dominated by phones priced above $1000. The galaxy s8 cost $1299 while the s8+ costs $1499.

Samsung S8 and S8+

According to the company, they have recorded an astonishing 400 per cent year on year increase which has been the largest pre-order ever. This is coming as quite the pleasant surprise seeing as the company suffered a major setback with a new product facing a worldwide controversy. Samsung had had to recall millions of units of the note 7 that was reported to have been disastrous, flammable and explosive. This had wiped a lot of revenue from the company’s cap and the s8 was a successful break being the first product that the company had put out ever since the unfortunate period.

Additional products have been launched alongside the s8’s which includes some brand new virtual reality gear and the Samsung DeX, pairing these together allowed the phone to function in use like a desktop computer. The galaxy s8 and s8+ features larger 5.8 and 6.2 inch screens respectively, they are equipped with a water resistant body, an installed smart assistant that responds to voice command and an improved selfie camera.


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