Speculation about the iPhone 8: Release Date, Speculations and Qualities

Iphone 8

Ever since the launching of apple’s iPhone 7 a few months ago, there has been a lot of hype as to whether the company will be releasing a new model any time soon. The iPhone 8 is predicted to be the company’s largest lunch in years. The phone is rumoured to have a curved screen that spans the entire front end and its leaked dimensional design speculates a possible thickness of 4mm of which is made up of the screens on both sides accounting for about 2.577 mm of the overall width.

Iphone 8

Release date

While it is true that there is no solid information on ground as to the exact date of release, there are strong speculations that apple has set its sights on releasing the new phone in June. This would be a break in tradition seeing as the company is notorious for releasing their products in the early periods of September.


The new iPhone 8 will bring with it some new technology and some high end features. It is likely to feature an A11 chip while functioning on the company’s next operating system for mobile; the iOS 11.

It also features;

An infrared equipped revolutionary 3D camera that is designed to capture depth and location of objects in sight.

A water resistant core.

A high end iris scanner as is seen in the latest phones from the brands being introduced to the market.

An unconfirmed cutting edge wireless charging system.

An impressive all glass design and so much more.

Whether these are just specifications or not, it is apparent that apple has some big plans in store and this new product is set to come out with a bang!

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