Nokia 2017 Come Back – Here is What You Need to Know

Nokia 2017 Come Back – Here is What You Need to Know

In the last 5-yrs or so, during the emergence of android generations, and the phasing out of the popular Nokia Symbian OS phones, everyone thought that was going to be last we would see from such a reputable brand. If you are one of those having such thoughts, then I am here to tell you that, Nokia has made the greatest come back in the phone industry. This time it is coming with sophisticated smartphones. Here is a sneak peak into two of the phones that will be come into the market later this year.

Nokia D1-C

This phone is rumored to come out incorporating the latest android operating system – the Nougat 7.0 version. As sneakily gathered, it may also incorporate a 3 GB Ram variant with its price averaging around $200. The most amazing thing about this phone and its price is that, it comes with a whopping 32 GB internal memory. This is a wonderful angle Nokia will be using to face the competition because most of the presumed standard and high-end phones that have gone over $200 barely come with a 32 GB of internal memory.

Nokia D1C

Nokia E-1:

This phone will be a better version of the upcoming Nokia android phones. This is in terms of its processor performance as well as camera evaluation. It is built with a metallic body – a building pattern that is synonymous with the Nokia brand and the strength with which it phones come with. Unlike the Nokia D1-C, this phone will be a little bit costly. It comes with a 2 GB Ram and 16 GB internal memory but gets a costlier processor – a 1.4 snapdragon 425 with an Adreno 308 GPU.

Nokia E1

These are the two top android phones that Nokia will be unleashing anytime soon. More updates will be coming your way. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned.

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