Two Things That Makes the New Google Pixel Worth Buying

New Google Pixel

If you are phone savvy, I am sure you must have had your hands on numerous phones – from LG, Samsung to iPhone.  As human beings, we always tend to be picky each time new phones are launched; trying to get the best out of our budget.

Well, for this year, Google has brought out its first ever phone – the Google Pixel, which has been tagged by top tech review blogs as the best phone on the planet earth, a digital assistant, some even say it is a phone with high IQ and full with a world of potentials.


But before you hit, BestBuy, or Amazon trying to spend some bucks on this phone, here are two things that makes the new Google Pixel worth buying.

1 – Unlimited Space

This option is definitely going to put smiles on your face if you are pic freak, music or movie monster.  If you tend to download every and anything that interest you across the internet or take numerous selfies or record videos, then the Google Pixel will never let you run out of space. With this capability, you will never have to go back to delete old memories to accommodate new ones. Besides that, your media data is secured as promised by Googles. So, if you are afraid of anything leaking out? Then, it is time to dust that fear away.

2- Fast Charging Capability

Besides having one of the best camera that has ever graced a phone, one thing that puts the Google Pixel at the top of every buyers list is its fast charging. Yes, I know every phone coming out in 2017 is having a fast charge capability, but what phone is ready to beat the Google’s Pixel 15 mins charge offering you power to last for 7 hours. This is really an incredible charge experience for someone who is always punching their phone on the go and barely have time to charge.

On this phone, there are many other features that are ready to wow customers. When it comes to market value, the new Google Pixel is going to give Samsung and Apple a hard run for their money.


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