What you should do with an old mobile phone

If you’re the type of person who likes to buy a new mobile phone as soon as the latest model comes out then you probably have a lot of older phones lying around your house. That being the case, you have a lot of phones that you need to dispose of or get rid of, so what can you do with an old mobile phone?

Keep it

The least fun suggestion on this list, you could always just keep your old mobile phones. Everyone has had at least one incident when their current mobile has had issues and they’ve needed it to go in for repair. It wouldn’t hurt to keep your old mobiles as back up should that happen again. One thing you’ll need to check for though is that if there have been network upgrades in your country that your phone still works. Some countries have ditched the 2G network, rendering older phones useless. If that’s the case in your country then there’s no point in keeping a phone that won’t even work.

Give it to your child so they can play with it

Everyone can remember when they were a kid how they wanted to play on their parents’ mobile phones but had to settle for a toy mobile phone. Instead of throwing out a phone that you have no use for, you could let your child play with it. They’ll be entertained and you’ll have a free phone for them that they’ll get endless hours of enjoyment out of. Just remove any sim card and ensure that the phone has battery power, although really, the phone can be used as a toy with or without power. Your child will still find it fun regardless of what you choose, and it’s a free toy for them that you don’t have to spend a cent on.

If you have an older child but you don’t want to spend money on a new phone for them then give them your old one. They’ll appreciate having their own device and you’ll save yourself some money.

Recycle it

If you really can’t think of anything to do with an old mobile phone then you can just recycle it. If you live in a large city then you’re bound to find a mobile phone recycling centre. You’ll get rid of your phone and you’ll be helping the environment as well. The phone can be broken down and used for other things rather than taking up un-necessary space in landfill which is harmful for the environment.

Donate to charity

There are programs where mobile phones are donated to developing nations. If you have found that you have no use for your old mobile then you can donate it to one of these programs. As long as you’ve still got the phone charger and the phone is in working order they will take it. You’ll get rid of a phone you have no use for and you’ll be doing some good in the world. That’s got to feel great.


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